Bull & Female Sale

19th Annual “Pick ‘em In Pike” Sale
March 15, 2014 • 1 pm

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Musgrave Angus will be hosting their 19th annual "Pick'em In Pike" Sale March 15th, 2014. The sale will begin at 1:00 P.M. CST and is held at the Musgrave Farm homestead near Griggsville, IL. DVauction will be broadcasting the sale live and buyer pre-registration will be available through this website. For any assistance in lodging or inquiries about the sale offering please feel free to contact us at (217) 285-6636 or via e-mail at Tyler@musgraveangus.com The cattle can be viewed anytime prior to the sale at the farm.

This year we are excited to be offering the first progeny sired by Musgrave Foundation & Musgrave Boulder, the two sale highlights that sold in our 2012 production sale. We are also pleased to have the first progeny sired by Connealy Earnan and Granger Great Falls. This is an excellent group of bulls and we are confident they will meet your needs.

We have handled our bulls differently this year than in the past. They were grown on a high roughage, DDG, by product based ration that contained very little corn to ensure them to be good sound breeders. They remained on this ration while out on stockpiled fescue through December 15th and then were transferred to a TMR ration, which contains hay, silage, and gluten. They have all been in the same group since weaning and none have been sorted off or haltered. Every bull on our farm has received the same treatment. These measures have been made with the commercial producer in our best interest.

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